Wednesday, 31 July 2013

2013 Armoy Road Races - Look Familiar?

a Dunlop tinkering with a 2 stroke whilst the hustle and bustle of the paddock carries on around him

Monday, 29 July 2013

Armoy Road Races 2013 - Caption Competition

Answers on a postcard...........

...........what are these two discussing that has Philip looking so interested?

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Xavier Denis - Road Racing Debut

The NW200 is not all about the top flight professional racers, it attracts a wide variety of amateurs from all over the world.

Xavier Denis travelled from central France to make his road racing debut.......

Thursday evening results:
Supersport Race ( R6 )
best lap 5.41.562 - 94.52mph
speed trap 155.5mph
Superstock ( ZX10 )
best lap 5.20.796 - 101.662mph
speed trap 170.5mph
I acquainted Xavier and his mechanic Christopher in the Harbour Bar, Portrush.  They were buzzing from the night's racing, Guinness and Cognac!
( Christopher second from right, Xavier extreme right, merry road race fans on the left )
A wet Saturday hosted one race before the meeting was abandoned......
Saturday Supersport
29th - beating Maria Costello
pictures courtesy of Brian Bain Photography......
improve your French here.......
Xavier takes part in the Manx next month so go and say hello.
Hopefully we will see him return to these shores, I was encouraging him to sample the Ulster.
Bon travail!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Nutts - Phillip McCallen and Jeremy McWilliams Riding Skills Academy

A recent Nutts Corner track day brought lots of silly grinning - great craic.

Run by Philip McCallen Motorcycles with instruction from Philip and a big hero of mine Jeremy McWilliams.

You thought you were going well until you noticed that up ahead Jeremy was going round the corners one handed, looking over his shoulder at the riders following him.

No primadonna....
Jeremy's standard RC8

All sorts of bikes present from ZZR1400's to 125 race bikes and plenty of serious stuff as well......



Any 2 stroke fans?

Great soundtrack but unfortunately we don't get the smell,  the legendary Alan Patterson takes us for a lap...

250cc/400cc Race One                           
1. C Ramsey Honda 24 Min 11.56 Sec 104.61 mph
2. J McGuinness Aprillia
3. P Owens Aprillia
 Fastest Lap: P Owen, 113.05 mph
250cc/400cc Race Two
1. O McNally Aprillia 23 Min 23.65 Sec 115.06 mph
2. W Coulter Aprillia                                                     
3.  P Owens Aprillia
Fastest Lap: P Owens, 115.98 mph (Record)