Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Cameron Donald's Superbike Soundtrack - Norton SG3 Superbike

Filmed during the 2014 Isle of Man TT Dainese Superbike Race where they unfortunately failed to finish.  Made a nice racket though.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

2014 Dainese Superbike TT Day Trip

Left Carrickfergus shortly after 0700 with a buch of strangers after reading an internet post requiring people to fill a boat
Landed in Peel 2 hours later after meeting some Killer Whales on the way over, get off the boat and onto the quay and the first bike I see is a BMW....kinda set the tone for the day


 a taxi to Cronk-y-Voddy
settle in to a hedgerow and wait....
Bruce came past on the opening lap and he was over the white line, in the dust on the approach to the right hander, most uncharacteristic I thought and reckoned it would not be his day.
The speed at which Michael followed left you in no doubt about who was going to take charge of the race. 
Here is a glimpse of Michael Dunlop followed by Michael Rutter who finished 5th...
.......walked back up to find a taxi stopping to check out the bikes - guess what I met, another...
....a taxi to Union Mills
.....enjoyed the scenery on the journey back to Peel...
...pints and people watchin' before the boat home
...and guess what one of the last bikes I saw was...
home for 2030 in time to whatch the highlight programme. We were against the clock all day with our departure time of 1830 but crammed as much as we could in.  The taxi's would not take us to Douglas as it was too busy so unfortunately no visit to the paddock but I reckon the trip was worthwhile. I travelled with North Irish Lodge, their site is down right now but here is a promo link...
Cost £120 for 8 people on the boat, if we had 12 passengers the fare would have reduced to £100.
Sitting along the ditch waiting for the racing it dawned on me that my first TT was the 1994 Formula 1 and we watched at Union Mills - 20 years ago and another very significant day for the Dunlop family with Robert's horror crash as his rear wheel collapsed.  Joey took third from winner Steve Hislop with Philip McCallen second.