Saturday, 20 October 2012

the answer......1952 L.E. Velocette

Richard's '52 L.E. Velocette

This bike belonged to my friend's late father, who purchased it second-hand from Andrew's Motorcycles, Belfast in 1954.
L.E. stands for Little Engine, designed as a "Motorcycle for Everyman" it was hoped it would appeal to both men and women.
As you can see it's a horizontally opposed twin cylinder.  The needs of the commuter were very much at the fore of the design, with a pull starter and hand gearchange that would save scuffing your shoes nor impede high heels.  Polished Aluminium legshields combined with footboards, provided weather protection.
The initial Mk 1 cost £126.00 and it's 150cc's produced 6bhp.
This bike still runs but is spared the daily commute.

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