Friday, 21 June 2013

Racefit GSXR

Spotted this GSXR on the Island and it stopped me in my tracks, I am not a Suzuki fan but this tastefully modified bike is class.

Racefit Titanium Growler Exhaust, Racefit/RCD Rearsets, Brembo calipers - drilled caliper bolts!, Dymags, modified swingarm etc the list goes on..
Love the matt black paint with custom graphics, reminds me of 8hour style paint schemes.
Thanks to Tamara at Racefit for the info


  1. I was waiting for this pic to go up,and all the giving off you do about gixers !!! maybe you are going over to the dark side ?

  2. Yes, but it took someone else to make the Suzuki cool. If the same work had of went into a blade......

  3. Replies
    1. old school luggage protection? all his worldly possessions? not sure if it's a racefit item?