Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Like a fine wine - Racefit GSXR

In 2013 I saw this bike and loved the subtle and quality modifications....

.....and I happened upon it again this year basking in the sun at Conkerfields.


  1. Hi
    That's my bike, was it you that introduced yourself ?

  2. Hello Again,
    Hope you don't mind, yes - we spoke at Conkerfields.
    How's things, have you done anymore tinkering of late?
    Are you at the Classic/Manx?

  3. Hi
    Now worries, nice to know someone likes what I'm trying to achieve, not that I'll know if or when I'll get to a finish, nothing else major other than a pfm rear caliper an narrow track pfm disc's, planning over the winter for quick release system on my swingarm done by Harris but it ain't cheap !
    No not at classic, NW200 probably the next meeting I go to.