Sunday, 28 April 2013

Cookstown 100 - Michael and Guy

Everyone couldn't wait to see these two go toe to toe in the Supersport and Superbike races.

The first Open Race went to Michael with Guy 3.9secs  behind and Derek Shiels in third.

Over 8 laps the Supersport the provided everything we all hoped for, Guy taking the lead straight away, a heated battle followed as Pearson, Michael and Shiels slugged it out.
On lap 4 Michael was still 3 secs behind, eventually on the last lap they were inseparable.  Michael showed Guy the front wheel going into the Orritor Crossroads - they touched.  See pic below from @DenTAS3
However Guy took the win by 0.119secs.
The feature race was a repeat of the earlier Open podium.

If the first road race is anything to go by then Michael has certainly set his stall out and his rivals must surely be wondering about his TT potential.

The TAS team looked stressed and hurried while Michael appeared relaxed and comfortable, it's only the first race of the season but the TT is now 4 weeks away - can't wait.

TAS ready?
not quite - missing the start of final practice
"lookin forward to gettin a run out here,  I am"

                                          Michael rubbing Guy and TAS up the wrong way!


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